Our farmhouses are ideally situated for excursions into the sorrounding area, full of little woods, streams little falls and if you are lucky, you can have the chance to see wild animals of our game riserve (procupins, wild boars, roe-bucks, and pheasants).

Volterra the etruscan city dating back to 27 centuries ago is a sanctuary of etruscan, roman, middle age and reinassance architrcture and history.

It is short drive to the coast. Here are its main treasuries:
- The Guarnacci etruscan muesum
- The museum of sacred art near the Cathedral
- The roma theatre and the archeological area
- The middle age area of the city with its narrow streetsleadin gto the mai n square (Piazza dei Priori)

Other itineraries:
- San gimignano (20 minutes by car)
- Siena (45 minutes by car)
- Florence (60 minutesn by car)
- The coast (Cecina 45 minutes by car)

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